Property Valuation

Property Valuation

We undertake property valuation and appraisal of various interests in both real and moveable properties for the purpose of: -.

➢ Compensation
We ascertain the level of damage or the amount which has to be paid to the affected persons for properties affected by developments that require compulsory acquisitions like roads, powerlines, waterlines, name it. We ensure that the affected persons get their property’s worth before they are displaced.

➢ Sale and Purchase
We help you to get your property’s worth in case of a sale and to pay the right price for an asset in case of a purchase, by making an assessment that will guide your decision.

➢ Secured Lending (Mortgage Valuations)
Asset based loans are the most common form of financing sought by business people. We assess the value of assets that will facilitate a mortgage acquisition.

➢ Property Rating
Cities and municipalities carry out periodic assessments for property tax to broaden their tax base. Our team brings a wealth of experience to facilitate such assessments to ensure that value is captured from each of the properties.

Setting Lease terms: Premiums, ground rent, Surrender and Renewal of Leases and sub-leases.
In case of Leasing, we offer advice on the lumpsum paid once to the land lord by a tenant, the annual fees paid for the use of land by a tenant, the fees required for renewal of a lease and to sublease.

➢ Insurance
We assess the amount relied on to assess the insurance premium of an asset.

➢ Financial Reporting
We assess the value of company assets that includes land, buildings, furniture, chattels, equipment, name it, which aids in the preparation of financial report.

➢ Development Appraisals
The realisation of a development idea is every developer’s dream. We appraise the suitability of a development to a specific site to help you make the right development decision.

The property types we value include: –

● Residential (apartment blocks, bungalows, condominiums).
● Commercial (office and retail properties)
● Industrial (ware houses and factories)
● Hotels, resorts.
● Farmland
● Plant and Machinery

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